Michael Fluckiger, CEO

Michael has been working in anatomic pathology systems most of his 20 year career.  He knows Sunquest’s PowerPath anatomic pathology system better than anyone he’s ever met.  As an original Tamtron employee for nine years, he mastered the PowerPath system as he implemented and upgraded PowerPath systems for hundreds of PowerPath sites.  After only seven months as an on-site employee, Michael began working independently at a remote office.  This forced him to dig deep and learn the intricacies of PowerPath better than others, because there was no one else to turn to when new challenges arose.  As a result, he’s become a subject matter expert with the design and functionality of almost all PowerPath components, from history conversion to interfaces to database design.  You’ll find his name or his MKL “trademark” in PowerPath stored procedures from billing interfaces to signatures and many places in between.

For the last 7 years, Michael has done consulting work at Pathway Pathology Consultants for dozens of PowerPath sites from coast to coast.  He has acted as an invaluable resource to labs large and small, educational and commercial, implementing custom solutions, consulting for version 10 upgrades, supporting pathologists and laboratory staff, and solving whatever challenges they ran across.  At Pathway he developed PowerPath solutions that not even Sunquest could match, such as an image resizing product reducing document attachments to 7-9% of their original size, compared to Sunquest’s 40-60% of original size.  He looks at issues with a different perspective, often relying on the common sense and experience of users to think out of the box and overcome roadblocks to reach their goals.

Michael has a proven track record of listening to users, understanding their concerns, and helping them reach the best solution for their challenges.  He knows the importance of going the extra mile to make sure the solution really fits the problem, both now and in the future.