Custom PowerPath Solutions

 Almost anyone with technical PowerPath experience can build a new print queue or modify a report template.  What do you do with the big projects?  When it comes to serious heavy lifting, not even Sunquest employees have experience to match ours.

Sunquest might help you with large projects, but if they do, it will cost you.  We’ll save you a bundle, with custom solutions that meet or exceed Sunquest’s quality.  For example:

  • PowerPath Data Extraction when you move to a new system

    • Export millions of complete case and patient records

    • In whatever data format your new system requires

    • With the patient report in PDF format

    • With attached images or documents

  • PowerPath to Xifin HL7 billing interface:

    • BAR message followed by FT1 message for each case

    • Custom insurance provider table lookup

    • Read ICD codes from charges tab or from Req Data tab field picklists, or both

  • PowerPath to HC1 HL7 results interface:

    • Custom results messages with NTE segments paired with PID, OBR, ORC, or OBX segments

    • Messages queued and sent based on

      • Case notes added

      • Multiple case process steps completed

      • New orders added

      • Case attachments added

      • Case hold status change

  • PowerPath HL7 results combined with embedded MIME PDF – not a separate interface for each

  • Automatically import referring physician groups and delivery locations from third party solutions

  • Automatically import images, results, and tables from third party solutions like FCS Express or CytoVision

Bring us the difficult PowerPath challenges Sunquest doesn’t even consider.  We’ll see what we can do for you.